Refund Policy

Refund Policy and Actionable Money Back Guarantee
Hi, please understand we have a refund policy for a reason. This is an online business not a get rich quick scheme. We also have this in place to stop people stealing our content. Stealing includes downloading the videos, you must watch them in the members area. Once you have sent us all the details we need and our Support Team has confirmed you are eligible for a refund, you will be refunded within 14 business days depending on your country and bank (please understand this is an estimate and may arrive quicker, or take longer). Our refund policy is linked on all our landing/sales pages*.
Please also note that we do not offer refunds/returns on any private built stores/businesses/websites and any deposits placed to secure and / or lock in a spot for our products/services is non-refundable. We heavily invest our time/resources and custom Shopify templates with our private built stores and the level of success and performance of the store/business/website itself is heavily reliant on the individuals ability to implement effective marketing strategies relatable to your brand. The custom aspect of the store is primarily through our 1:1 custom Shopify template theme which is linked to the private built store (unless otherwise specified), and this custom theme is only accessible via our private build opportunities. This is all made crystal clear prior to purchasing and paying for a private built store as you are required to formally tick a box signifying you accept, agree, and have read the full earnings disclaimer and refund policy. Note: The "Business in a Box" package is subject to our regular actionable policy terms and conditions which are referenced below, inside of this earnings disclaimer. To be eligible for a refund, all terms and conditions must be meet accordingly to our terms and conditions outlined inside of this policy. No exceptions. If you have any questions, please ask them prior to paying and purchasing.
Please note that the Business in a Box package takes roughly 4+ weeks for our team to complete the development of your online business as per your request.

When you purchase our products and/or services, you agree to the terms and conditions and can clearly see before purchasing. We make this crystal clear to require all clients to formally tick a box (refer to image direct below) prior to purchasing to ensure that the client has 'accepted, understands, and agrees to the full terms of services and refund policy'. If you have purchased this Training Program through PayPal, you are subject to the same policies integrated in to our information product once accessing the program through our teachable platform where the training is hosted for students to have 24/7 live access to all content. This refund policy is also subject to change at any given point of time and it is in your best interest to thoroughly read through the full terms and conditions of our refund policy.

Please note, it took time and money to create this training to your benefit. Becoming a successful entrepreneur does not happen overnight. You should consider this an investment in your own education.
Below is a snapshot of the requirement that is required to be ticked prior to completing your order, and signing up to our online program.
Refund Policy Terms and Conditions
The Visionary Ecom Blueprint comes with a 30 day actionable money back guarantee (30 days from the date of purchase) as long as action was taken and proof is sent. Below are the requirements which are required to be sent through to our customer support email to be eligible for a refund.
1. Save as set out below, our fees are non-refundable and we operate with a strict no refund policy, with reference to change of mind.
Refunds will not be issued unless:
1. You complete all action items and do not make sales within 30 days and have tested at least 3 products on 3 separate stores.
2. You have tested 3 products/stores within the first 30 days and have not made any sales. Test ad spend for each store: $200-300 USD to determine if product is a winner. If not, repeat the following requirements for all stores.
Launch requirements for each store:
o Validated product chosen - using the winning product criteria
o Correctly priced product accordingly to training materials and competitors
o Modern looking website fully launched
o Custom domain names
o Modern logo created
o Set up ALL pages on store
o Install all recommended Apps
o Set up Facebook pixel
o Create Facebook and Instagram page
o Create PayPal account
o Write and optimise product descriptions
o Add reviews to website - 10 reviews minimum per product
o Proof of implementing all free traffic methods available
o Abandoned cart email sequences set up as per the training shows
o 3+ video ads and image ads tested for each product
o $200-300 USD adspend for FB ad testing per product/store
o All ad campaigns must be set to: "Conversion Event: Purchases" set as the priority only. Any other ad campaigns will not count towards budget allocation requirements.
o If Facebook ads persists problems, utilizing social media influencers is a requirement with reference to ad-spend budget allocation requirements $200-$300 USD for each product/store.
o Proof of influencers utilized
3. All steps must be followed for each store to be eligible for a refund. Facebook ad accounts should be kept
open to show proof of ad spend and screenshots should be taken of each store to show proof of all action items completed.
4. All terms outlined above are required to be provided to our support team email to request a refund, with clear proof attached outlining each step.
The member must have followed all steps above and experienced zero sales from doing so. When / if the members store(s) have made a sale (1 sale), it demonstrates and proves that the store has seen a result. This ultimately means that the store is able to generate results therefore it has the potential to generate further sales and results deeming the member ineligibility for a refund as it is a matter of adjusting the stores funnel to generate more sales and increase store conversion rates.
To clarify, all steps are required to be submitted to our support email with proof attached clearly demonstrating and displaying each step to be eligible for a refund. You will only receive a refund provided we are 100% satisfied with the information provided in relation to each step required to be sent through to us with crystal clear, attached proof referencing each step. You will not be eligible for a refund if you can not provide all the steps required and outlined above. This is a 30 day actionable policy, there are strictly no refunds permitted exceeding the 30 day time period from the initial date of purchase and access to our online digital training program, The Visionary Ecom Blueprint.
This course is in English and no other language. We are teaching you how to start a real business and we want you to succeed and for that to happen you need to take action and ask for advice when needed. We do not offer refunds after 30 days from the date of when you purchased, no exceptions. You can't sell this training, if you do you will be locked out as this is an illegal act. You will not be refunded and your membership will be closed.

Once again this IS NOT a get rich quick scheme and although we provide training you still need to work and take action to get results. We are helping you build a long term business. Refunds can take up to 30 days depending on your bank and country.

Our policy is linked on all our landing pages and it's up to you to do your due diligence before purchasing products. We also state on our landing pages that action needs to be taken in order to get a refund. To clarify you will not be refunded whatsoever if you can not provide the steps outlined above, no exceptions at all. We make this crystal clear right here as well as information provided before purchasing this training program. We make a commitment to mentoring you and providing you with all the necessary tools to do well, so you are required to make a commitment to consistently putting in the work, and overcoming all obstacles.This means you actually need to take action and we have this in place to stop piracy as well. We have this in place to stop people joining our program and downloading the videos then asking for a refund. In the event of a refund, our payment processors incur a reversal fee of 5% which will be deducted from the total refund amount.

These policies are to be strictly followed, no exceptions whatsoever. Contacting your mentor will not authorize the modification of policies in any situation.
Payments made as deposits are non-refundable as the deposit secures your spot for your purchase of our products/services. No exceptions. If you have any queries, please contact us prior to purchasing.
Customer Support Email Contact:
*please allow 24-48 hours for a response from our support team.* Customer Support line is open from Monday to Friday 9:00AM to 7:00 PM (ACST)