About Lukas Tsimopoulos

Australian teenage wunderkind Lukas Tsimopoulos managed to counteract high school boredom with a fascinating enterprise involving technology and a multiple-six-figures profit he could make on his laptop from anywhere in the world. It took him six years to optimize a strategy that will make him a millionaire soon, and he is only 20. Financial reward and the freedom to do business in a rather flexible way was a strong motivation.

It pushed Lukas to conduct further research and move fast from his restaurateur family obligations to activities that involved eBay reselling and a company that efficiently allows coveted products from reliable factories to reach the consumer directly without any investment in inventory and storage facilities. Using technology, he found the right path for his driven personality.

It’s not easy to become a businessman at such a young age. It requires courage, consistency, a degree of openness, and fearlessness. You have to listen carefully to what other people say around you and, most importantly, what your customers want. Lukas abides by this rule, investing a lot in his amazing customer support. It’s a great effort that inspires us all.

His principal platform for spreading his story and connecting with people who want to learn from him is Instagram. You can connect with Lukas Tsimopoulos and reach out to him through his personal profile on Instagram (@itslukasts).